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Cherry Blossom Edition 

Cherry Blossoms Reimagined: Limited Cabinet Knobs Coming Soon!

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Hearth Creek Limited proudly presents a preview of our upcoming treasure... 

Cherry Blossom Square Cabinet Knobs

Picture this... You are prepping to host a cozy gathering, the kind where laughter fills the air and memories are made over shared stories and good food. Your guests are very perceptive, quietly taking in every detail of your carefully set table and tastefully decorated space. But as their eyes land on your exquisite cherry blossom cabinet knobs, you can practically feel the envy simmering beneath the surface.

As they marvel at the intricate beauty adorning your cabinet doors, their curiosity piqued, they can't help but ask, "Where on earth did you find those?" With a playful glint in your eye, you tease them with a mischievous reply, "If I told you, I'd have to... well, you know the rest."

It's your power play in the game of hosting, and you revel in the subtle satisfaction of knowing you've left them green with envy.

For anyone who appreciates the finer things and thrive on a bit of friendly competition, these cherry blossom knobs aren't just décor – they're a symbol of style and sophistication that sets you apart from the rest.

Each knob is a canvas, hand-painted with the delicate touch of spring, capturing the beauty of cherry blossoms that flutter through the first warm breezes of the new season.

These Cabinet knobs are inspired by the historic gifting of cherry blossom trees in 1912 from Japan to the United States, a legacy of friendship and natural splendor. This heritage is captured in a limited collection of square knobs, offering a rare blend of artistry and function to adorn your home.​

Only 1,912 sets will be crafted, reflecting the year when cherry blossoms first graced the American landscape with their presence.

As the final touches are being perfected and the launch date announced, we invite you to share in the anticipation. Join us as we prepare to unveil these exclusive pieces of functional art, soon to be released for the discerning few.​

You can register your interest through the link below to own this limited offering.

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Theodious McKinnon


Hi there! I’m Theodious McKinnon, Owner of Hearth Creek. At the heart of what I do lies a simple belief: creativity is the soul's way of expressing itself.

So, how did I end up making hardware, you ask? After spending 20 years traveling the world with the Navy, I’ve seen a thing or two—or a thousand —and I’ve brought all that inspiration back to designer hardware that adds a touch of soul to your space. Each piece we create here at Hearth Creek has a bit of the world in it, influenced by the incredible cultures and landscapes I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

Growing up, craftsmanship was a big deal in the household! That love for creating unique things from scratch stuck with me, and now I get to bring it to you with every piece we make at Hearth Creek. Here, it's all about creating quality, eye-catching hardware that adds a little story to your home.

So, if you’re looking to give your home a little extra personality, we’ve got something that’ll do the trick and tell a story. Let’s make your home a place where creativity isn’t just welcomed, it’s part of the furniture!